Quality policy

The key strategic goal of IPM ENGINEERING, s.r.o. organization and its management is to create, maintain and sustainably improve the quality management system, which will ensure its long-term development, stability, prosperity and meeting the needs, requirements and expectations of our customers and all concerned parties as well. The organization long-term goal is to ensure its stable position among the best ones in regard of provision of the design and engineering works for the civil proposes and defense proposes and in the field of design and development of the machines and equipment for various industrial sectors. By declaration and approving its Quality policy the management of IPM ENGINEERING, s.r.o. organization expresses and declares its attitude and involvement for quality and its liabilities in the field of quality as well. For achieving this goal the organization and its management commits to enforce and ensure the following rules and principles:

  • To ensure availability of resources necessary for the organization development, operation of an effective and efficient quality management system and ensuring the satisfaction of customers and all involved parties.
  • To plan activities systematically, manage and make decisions based on analyses, data and facts, to search for, identify and sustainably improve the weaknesses in the activities and processes of the organization.
  • To pay a permanent attention to the human resources management.
  • To consider proficiency, competency and personal involvement of employees to be a prerequisite of a further enhancement of quality by means of products realized by the organization and provided services.
  • To apply and implement the new progressive principles, methods, technologies and software systems into the management of organization and its processes.
  • To keep a systematic and effective communication and co-operation with the suppliers and customers and to improve the mutually beneficial supplier-customer relationships.
  • To support and build an initiative and involvement for quality, loyalty and sense of cohesion of the employees towards the corporation and corporate culture.
  • To base the certainty and belief in success on the confidence and respect for employees of the organization who are the biggest guarantee of a high quality of realized products and provided services.
  • Respecting the market forces and having a perfect knowledge of the customer and the competitors as well makes a part of a modern customer oriented marketing management.
  • To apply a zero spoilage strategy in our processes.
  • To maintain and permanently improve the quality management system, the organization processes and products in accordance with the internationally recognized standards for the quality management and NATO requirements for quality verification in the stage of the product draft and development.
  • To perform all activities with regard to build correct and mutually beneficial relationships between the organization and involved parties.

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