Information security policy

In order to ensure a stable position of the organization among the best in providing design and construction works for civil and defence purposes, as well as in the design and development of machines and equipment for various industries, the company management declares this Information Security Policy with the following principles:

  1. The Information Security Policy defines the basic strategy, objective and principles relating to the information security and lay down the basic security rules for the operation, use and maintenance of information and communication technologies in order to ensure the required level of protection and minimize damage resulting from possible security incidents.
  2. The company management approves the fulfilment of application requirements of information security in accordance with the Slovak Technical Standard ISO / IEC 27001: 2014 and supports and enforces the present information security policy.
  3. The company management has adopted a set of information security policies according to the Slovak Technical Standard ISO / IEC 27002: 2014, which was communicated to all employees of the company.
  4. The management approves and implements measures leading to a continuous improvement of the information security management system.
  5. The company management regularly performs monitoring and evaluation information security objectives.
    The areas of achieving information security objectives are in particular:
    • Compliance with the legal requirements relevant to information security in society
    • Minimization of financial and other losses related to disruption of IS operation
    • Minimization of risks to IS assets
    • Protection of the company's assets from misuse
    • Protection of company data from misuse or unauthorized access
    • Protection of the know-how and reputation of the company
    For each area of information security, specific security objectives are set for given area and the basic principles and procedures by which the individual objectives are achieved in the company conditions.

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